Our Appeal

Fundraising and Donations

Akshaya Kshetram’s continuing mission has been built on the efforts and generosity of its many private donors and volunteers.

In the past, the organization has attempted to procure funds and incentives from the Indian government level. However, we experienced rigid protocols, time-consuming procedures and unrewarding end results. But we have not given up and now Akshaya Kshetram has an immense task ahead of it to provide for its residential students.

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Long-Term Financial Independence

The institution recognises the need for sustainable independence in generating funds for further expansion, as well as essential expenditure. This includes staff salaries, food, and the provision of everyday amenities, such as water, electricity, telephone connection, and transport.

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Visit Akshaya Kshetram

We strongly encourage visitors to the Ashram to see to understand the perseverance that our residents show in order to  overcome their disabilities, and the warmth and commitment of our teachers and site staff.

We have hosted many distinguished visitors over the past few years, including: Governor Sri Ramadevi of the Government of Karnataka, Sri Jayandra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathi, Sri. K. Ranganatham, Chairman and Managing Director of APSPDCL, District Collectors and Joint Collectors from Andhra Pradesh, and many professional experts and local community supporters.

If you would like to see in person the good work that we are doing, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a visit.


Akshaya Kshetram is built on generosity and trust. Therefore, in that spirit, the complete accounting methodologies of Akshaya Kshetram (including its approved audited balanced sheet) are open to the public and can be requested by contacting us.