Our History

Akshaya Kshetram was founded by an elderly couple, Sri M. Ramaswami and Smt. M.Varalakshmi, who are seasoned campaigners for the care of the disabled. Seeing the desperate need for provision for this group and to encourage acceptance of their place in wider society, they set up Akshaya Kshetram on 2nd October 1996. The organisation began in a rented building in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, with just ten girls as their students.


Over time, we have seen and recognised the need for these services to be provided for all affected individuals. Therefore, in recent years, Akshaya Kshetram has expanded to take care of boys and adult males as well.

The Growth of Akshaya Kshetram

By October 2002, Akshaya Kshetram had gained standing in the community and the public were beginning to understand the importance of our mission. Through generous donations and local support, we built and moved to our own ashram in the village of Durga Samudram.

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Today, the Ashram is home to 120 people (both residential and day students) and 35 staff members. We have significant local support, with many of the local residents giving donations in money, gifts, and services. Donors often celebrate their birthday or auspicious events by providing a meal or treat for the children to share the occasion and this has become a tradition for many.

We welcome visitors to join us at these celebrations and meet our residents and teachers.

The Committee

The Ashram site and Akshaya Kshetram Charitable Trust are run by our founders who have become President and Treasurer respectively, Sri. M. Ramaswami and Smt. M. Varalaxmi.

They are supported by nine committee members who donate their time to Akshaya Kshetram and countless supporters from the local area and beyond, including the USA and UK.