Our Mission

Akshaya Kshetram is a charitable organisation, based in Andhra Pradesh, South India, which cares for and educates mentally and physically challenged people of all ages. The organisation is based on 2.5 acres of land in the village of Durga Samudram – roughly 10km south of Tirupati, the site of the Sri Venkateswara temple.


Our Goals

We work with children and adults with special needs in order to provide them with an education and the ability to take care of themselves. We provide a range of therapies and activities, and our long term goal is to help our residents find meaningful employment and a place in society.

Our philosophy is to provide the children and adults with a warm and loving environment where they can flourish and develop as human beings. We strive to provide comfort and love to these individuals who were born into a difficult life and encourage others to show understanding for them too.

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We encourage visitors to come to Akshaya Kshetram to meet the residents and see the care that is being provided for them. By inviting visitors to the site, we hope to show people the warm and peaceful nature of our residents and to reduce the stigma around disability.



Vaani Small

Vaani came to Akshaya Kshetram at the age of thirteen with a mild mental disability. She was unable to speak properly and suffered a short temper and hyperactivity. As a result of being badly treated by her family, she was hostile and unable to form relationships.

Through five years of speech therapy, academic and music classes, and most importantly, an atmosphere of love and acceptance, Vaani is now a happy and productive resident of Akshaya Kshetram. Her speech has improved greatly and she now leads group songs and prayers. She is much more confident and recently performed at the Sri Venkateswara University Jubilee Celebrations.

Vaani has become a valued member of the Akshaya Kshetram family and contributes to the work of the facility by helping in the kitchen and classrooms. Most importantly, she looks after the younger children by giving them the same love and affection that she has received. She considers Akshaya Kshetram to be her home, and is an example of someone who has found a place in society, despite her illness. Akshaya Kshetram hopes to give many others this opportunity, in a world where disability is often hugely limiting to a young person’s prospects.

Raaju Small

At the age of five, Raju was found in a bus stand in Puttur. He was in a terrible condition, with his left arm broken, possibly done purposely someone in order to increase his value as a beggar. The rickshaw driver who found him brought him to Akshaya Kshetram as he could not look after a mentally retarded child.

After being with us for three years, Raju is one of the most affectionate children at the Ashram. He shows his joy by hugging staff all the time and shaking hands with all the visitors. His moderate disability means that he is unable to speak, but it is hoped that the centre’s new speech therapist will change this.

With cases like these coming into Akshaya Kshetram frequently, we realise how much work is still to be done and how few places provide this type of help. Your support and donation could change the lives of the students at Akshaya Kshetram.