Our Plans

Akshaya Kshetram is continually growing and developing. We have ambitious plans as to how to improve the service and care that we can provide.


In the short-term, our goals are to:

  • Introduce intensive teacher training through networking and exposure to other organisations and methods of working.
  • Provide support to parents – including counselling and guidance – as well as motivating them to be more involved in their children’s care.
  • Build a core group of volunteers to help find more people in need of Akshaya Kshetram’s facilities.

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In the long-term, our goals are to:

  • Provide temporary shelter and training facilities for mentally challenged persons and families.
  • Expand our activities to cover outreach programs into the community through a core group of teachers and other staff.
  • Identify areas for vocational and skill training for mentally and physically challenged people and develop viable income-generating ventures with industries and other organizations.
  • Conduct regular programs for parents and develop training with them.
  • Asset building for stability.
  • Focus on financial independence and self-reliance by building up a corpus fund, through a series of fund-raising activities.
  • Network with other groups to increase the awareness amongst the general public about the need to actively integrate mentally challenged people into society.
  • Advocate for special provisions for mentally challenged persons into the spheres of education, health and employment.
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For those with severe mental disabilities, our goals are to:
  • Conduct research to identify the causes of mental issues and initiate preventive programs.
  • Set up a small residential group home, fully equipped for the mentally handicapped.
  • Initiate sheltered workshops.
  • Introduce new and effective devices designed specifically for mentally handicapped people.

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None of our work can be completed without the support of donors and of the local community. We ask you to consider making a donation to Akshaya Kshetram to help us achieve our objectives and providing the best services that we can to these young people in need. If you would like to see our work in action, please arrange a visit through the Contact Us page.